12 Essential Tools of Car Repairing: What You Must Have in Your Tool Kit?

There’s no denying that car repair appears daunting, particularly to first-time car owners. However, it’s not stressful if you’re adequately prepared for it. Let’s suppose you’re driving on a Monday evening. Suddenly, you get a flat tyre in the middle of the lane; what will you do? Will you stress out looking for a car repair in Dubai or getting the spare tyre from the back of the car and making a puncture?

Yet, you can only do the latter when you’ve learnt it and have the right tools in the kit. Remember that doing your car repair isn’t only budget-friendly but also prepares you for emergencies.

Without any further delay, let’s get you through the essentials of a toolkit you must know as a car owner. 

  1. Socket Set 

You must ensure your tool kit has a sturdy, fully stocked socket set. Ensure that your socket set has sockets sized from at least 6mm to 19mm, an extender, a ratchet, and a hex (Allen) key.

  1. Wire Cutters and Pliers 

Any electrical mishap on your car will require pliers and wire cutters. So, these two tools will come in handy whether you’re installing a new stereo system or rewiring headlights.

  1. Wrench Set 

It’s got to get any task accomplished without having a wrench set. Choosing wrenches with an open-ended side and a ratcheting side will make any job more accessible, as you won’t have to remove the wrench between turns. 

  1. Screwdrivers 

You might have a screwdriver or two already wandering around in your junk. However, you’ve to ensure that you have a variety of shapes and sizes since the standard screwdrivers don’t fit into every loop. By this, you’ll have diversity between your mechanical adventures.

  1. Tyre Pressure Gauge and jack 

You must know exactly how much air your tyres have lost recently, so a tyre pressure gauge will help you determine this. If you plan to change the tyre yourself, you’ll require a tyre jack to raise the tyre off the ground safely. Remember to check your tyres air pressure at least once a month so you don’t have to run to the best car garage in Dubai

  1. Torque Wrench 

A torque wrench is essential to have in your toolbox. Its specialized ratchet is used to set nuts till a proper tightness. A torque wrench prevents damage to the bolt, avoids slippage, and makes it easier to remove the nut afterwards. 

  1. Impact Wrench 

An Impact wrench is another tool that you must’ve in your arsenal. It’s a high-powered tool that provides you with electric torque to remove or replace lug nuts easily. If you’ve arthritis in your hands or stress over applying enough force to a standard wrench, an impact wrench will make the process a much more comfortable experience for you.

  1. Breaker Bar 

A breaker bar is a long-handled ratchet used to remove bolts and nuts. We’re referring to those nuts you’ve just tightened with the torque wrench. To get them off the hook, you’ll need a breaker bar.

  1. Rubber Mallet 

A rubber mallet is a neglected tool you won’t adhere to until you need one. It can get you through some of the most dramatic situations, from removing stuck bolts to tackling the bumpers. 

  1.  Floor Jacks or Ramps 

Are you getting on the car repair bandwagon for the first time? Well, considering your safety is essential. We suggest having floor jacks and ramps within your tools essentials. 

  1.  Jack Stands 

Never lift your car on a jack or ramp without using jack stands. It helps keep your car stable and the ramp or jack from slipping while working beneath the vehicle. 

  1.  Factory Service Manual 

One of the best ways to become convenient with the inner workings of your engine is to follow the factory service manual. This guide lets you determine how to do repairs and generic services on your car without worrying about getting the correct info.

Final Thoughts 

A well-stocked car repair kit keeps you prepared to handle minor issues. Whether standing in the middle of a highway or getting eaten for work on a Monday morning, a car service tool kit gets you covered and lets you do the repairs in no time.  Consider adding the above-mentioned tools to your bucket list, and you’re good to go.

Zaheer Ahmed

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