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Our most versatile item is tapestries for walls. We love the bold ways they can change the look of a room and also the excitement in exploring the designs. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at this tapestry to address common questions and encourage you to take note of its incredible beauty.

What is a Wall Tapestry?

Tapestries were historically huge, made of woven fabrics with intricate designs like this one! They were used as an illustration of insulation to keep the draughty old castles (ugh they are very gruesome) warm in winter. Although woven tapestries remain accessible in the present, however, the word “tapestry” is now used to describe any fabric that is intended to be hung on the wall.

Where is the best spot to place it?

Tapestries make a great conversation starter. They create a strong impression. They’re an excellent accessory to any space However, they’re best displayed in a spot that will give them the greatest impact. We prefer to place it over a couch or mantle, or even a bed or on the wall in smaller spaces to create a wall-like effect.

Okay, but what do I do with it?

Funny you asked as we’ve come up with some fantastic ideas. We’ve dedicated an entire blog to this! Take a look for our top hanging tricks however, if you’re not planning to be too creative, using high-end thumbtacks in each corner will do the trick.

How can I manage it?

The tapestry is likely to get wrinkled once it’s through the post. The most effective method of removing wrinkles is to use steamers. However, If you don’t have one of these useful tools, get one and use it! JK You can iron it with cool or put it into the dryer using the help of a moist washcloth, and it’ll be perfect. If you happen to drop a glass of wine onto the tapestry you love, simply put it in the washer (cold water delicate process) and dry it on low. It’ll be just as good as new.

Do they have any other applications that they could be used for?

This is a simple answer. The fact that they’re described as “wall tapestries” doesn’t mean that they’re not multi-functional. We’ve witnessed some truly incredible tapestry techniques, including:

It can be used to cover your bedding for a quick refresh it can also be used as a tablecloth placed around an old headboard to create an exciting new look placed on a wall as a backdrop for a dream selfie.

When people consider wall decor people think of framed prints, posters, and even photos. In reality, there’s an abundance of amazing decor alternatives to choose from that are different from the typical 2D alternatives. We’ve put together an assortment of ideas to help those who want to brighten the look of their rooms. We’ve provided you with everything you need if you would like to pay homage to your favorite pastime, place, or even the clothes you wear.

Please write it down.

You are able to recreate the trendy style of the ultra-instagrammable dining establishment in your own home, thanks to a myriad of businesses that offer customizable word art. Neon lighting can be utilized to highlight a motivational phrase or a humorous saying or even the name of your home (it can be your house in the end! ).

Select the Location

Make sure to honor a place you love by displaying a street sign that will instantly enhance your home. If you’re willing for more money it’s possible to opt for an antique and original street sign from the city that you love. (Parisian artifacts and other items are often available on secondhand sites!)

Return to Nature

Wall decoration with a leaf shape can be a fantastic option to bring a bit of nature to your home without the need to prune or water! The extra points are when you combine the accent with real plants to keep the theme.

If tapestries cause you to have serious flashbacks of your college days (and certainly not in a positive way! ) So why not make your own using the scarf? Pick a beautiful design and drape it over the dowel to create a unique design.

Choose a Theme

If you’re planning to put up an art gallery with a particular motif (this wall is nautical) consider thinking outside of the box to see ways to fully reflect the place or activity that you’re focused. A classic ship ball is the ideal outside-the-box addition for this.

Transform into Formal

Artistic objects, particularly when they are hung in different sizes and scattered over the walls, will make your home appear as if it’s part of an art museum. In this space simple gold sunburst designs make an appearance.

Make it comfortable

Placing ceramics or plaster on the walls can transform your house into a museum environment. There is no need to travel far to can transform your home into a landmark in history.

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