Top Benefits Of WordPress Web Development For Small Businesses

To operate in any industry today, your business needs to have an internet presence. However, not everyone has the tools and knowledge necessary to publish a website online. That is why you want to think about adopting WordPress for small business websites. Most likely, you’ve already heard of WordPress web development services.

For publishing websites, it is the most popular and easiest platform to use. The free and efficient nature of this service makes it a great option for businesses with tight budgets.

However, the fact that it is free does not lessen the quality of it. Because WordPress is open-source, a large community of developers from around the world work to patch its security and add new practical features.

The WordPress Statistics

There were more than 250 content management systems (CMS) available for creating websites as of April 2020. But none of them is more well-known than WordPress. Consider the following figures:

  • 35.2% of websites use WordPress.
  • Every month, WordPress users create 70 million new posts.
  • Every year, there is a registration of more than 2 million brand-new WordPress domains.
  • WordPress controls 50–60% of the global CMS market.
  • More than 30% of the top 1,000 websites run on the WordPress platform.
  • 22% of the top 1 million e-commerce websites in the world are powered by WooCommerce, the e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

The New York Times and Facebook are just two of the well-known websites that use WordPress. They depend on WordPress, which says a lot about the dependability and quality of a WordPress site.

WordPress is a great option for a lot of big enterprises, but it’s also a terrific option for smaller companies who want to establish a strong online presence. Here are a few justifications.

The Benefits Of WordPress Web Development

1. Customization

WordPress is open source, so users are free to change its appearance and functionality as they see fit. WordPress has around 55,000 plugins and themes available for those that prefer plug-and-play functionality over dealing with code.

Small businesses can create a website that meets their specific requirements thanks to these customizable features. They can pick only the features they want rather than paying for web development packages they cannot afford and do not need.

2. Scalability

Small companies might not always stay small. They might expand as a result of business success in their sector or variations in demand throughout the year. Alternately, they can go through adversity that causes their size and inventory to decrease.

As a result of these changes, website requirements change. Because it is scalable, WordPress is the perfect CMS to handle these changes. Therefore, you can easily build the functionality you need to accommodate any change in your business.

Small businesses may develop the website they need now with the assurance that they will also have the website they need in the future thanks to the capacity to quickly modify up or down based on changes in demand.

3. E commerce functionalityWordPress Web Development

Businesses can create online stores with WordPress by using the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin.

WooCommerce provides the same open-source, fully-customizable flexibility as the rest of WordPress. It includes tools like payment integration that improve customers’ online shopping experiences.

Businesses may sell things online without having to build a separate website or rebuild their present website. Fortunately, this is possible because of the flexible, adaptable, and affordable features offered by WooCommerce.

4. User-friendly interface

WordPress’s user-friendly interface contributes to its enormous popularity. For small companies that don’t have the time or money to learn complicated systems, its menus and settings are easy to find and understand.

You can quickly discover what you’re searching for by using the navigational links on the left sidebar.

Whenever you view your settings, you can find a brief explanation of what they do. Additionally, WordPress offers a visual editor that lets you see your changes instantly.

5. Google analytics integration

By using Google Analytics, your small business can monitor many website-related data points and increase its effectiveness.

Depending on your CMS, however, integrating it can be simple. Thankfully, Google Analytics tracking works pretty well with WordPress.

Consequently, you can use WordPress for small business websites and take advantage of all the capabilities offered by Google Analytics to discover more about your visitors and commercial outcomes. Installing and using it doesn’t require any technological expertise.

6. SEO-friendliness

For small companies, WordPress’ excellent SEO friendliness is another benefit.

Your content will be more visible to web crawlers like Google thanks to its wide range of options and capabilities. Some of them include attractive permalinks, straightforward metadata handling, picture optimization, mobile friendliness, and other features.

You can also add several WordPress plugins if you want to have even more SEO focused functionality.

However, Yoast is a wonderful example because it offers you a dynamic checklist with context-based recommendations to help you better optimize your content.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, this is how WordPress can be beneficial for your small business. So do you want to get the best in class WordPress web development services? Look no further than the reliable team of Virtual Oplossing. Our expert web developers are available 24/7 to assist you. Let’s connect!

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