A Blue Whale Is Sliced in Half by a Tik Tok User

A Tik Tok user on the internet has cut in half a blue whale. This video has sparked a controversy worldwide. What is the truth behind this? First of all, do Orcas only eat half of their prey? If the answer is no, then how can this be the case? This question is a very common one that people worldwide are trying to answer. However, we must note that while Orcas do eat their prey whole, they will only eat a portion of it.

Tik Tok cut in half a blue whale

A video that has gone viral and captivated the attention of millions of people has recently surfaced. Although it is unclear what caused the blue whale to bite the man, the video is sure to stir the emotions of hundreds of thousands of people and start a global conversation about the impact of social media on animals.

The incident is being reported on multiple social media platforms as it has caused an uproar in the water. People have both been praising and mocking the man who cut the whale in half. While some people have expressed outrage over the incident, others have showed compassion for the white shark. As of the time of writing, the Blue Whale Bitten image is still being displayed on most social media websites.

Orcas eat only part of their prey

Orcas have a unique way of catching their prey. They use various methods to bring in prey such as beaching themselves to catch seals or jumping from the water to land to catch larger prey. They also use echolocation to find their prey. This technique uses sound waves that travel through the water to reverberate off objects.

These whales are top predators, which means they eat a wide range of fish. While the vast majority of the fish they catch are small, they also hunt larger prey such as great white sharks and leopard seals. The whales have been known to eat moose that swim between islands.


The news of a blue whale being sliced in half has caused quite a stir on the internet. People are trying to figure out whether it’s true or not. Some are concerned about the size of the animal and others want to find out what kind of creature was responsible. The story first broke near Cape Town and was met with much skepticism.

However, this recent incident has prompted scientists to examine the circumstances surrounding the blue whale’s death. Although blue whales are generally considered harmless, they can be deadly, and a collision with a boat can cause fatal injuries.

White shark

The white shark’s recent attack on a blue whale is a fascinating topic. It is not common to see a whale that is cut in half and bitten by a shark, and it is an even more rare occurrence to see one sliced in half. The most interesting aspect of the attack is the discovery of a great white shark as the culprit. The attack on the blue whale was originally believed to be the result of an orca attack, but the great white shark was responsible for the incident.

The shark’s recent attack on a blue whale is not a new story. Scientists have been aware of the dangers of the blue whale for years, but attacks have rarely occurred. However, a recent attack on Maui, Hawaii, brought this story to the attention of the public. The great white shark bit the whale in two, and researchers confirmed that they were attacked by a white shark.

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