Career Astrology Analysis of the Engineering Profession

A person’s career is one of the most important aspects of their life. Everyone is worried about having the correct profession and growing in that Career Astrology in today’s society. Consultation with an astrologer may help a native choose a career that would provide them the desired outcomes as well as a sense of inner pleasure. The native Career Astrology might provide indications of a potential line of work in the future.

  • A look at the factors that led to the rise of engineering as a profession
  • Mars, the planet associated with bravery, vigour, the armaments and tool industries, electrical power, thermal energy, and engineering
  • Saturn, the planet associated with hard work, the iron and steel industries, the care and repair of equipment, industrial research, and profound understanding
  • Ascendant (governing the native capability interaction, vitality)
  • The second home (status and accumulated wealth)
  • The third house (learning, initiative and communication)
  • The fifth house (intellect and speculative gains)
  • The sixth house (financial stability and debts)
  • The seventh house (partnership and foreign tours)
  • The eighth house (gains and obstacles)
  • The ninth house (fortunes and short journeys)
  • The tenth house (profession)
  • The eleventh house (income and gains)
  • The twelfth house (losses and relation with foreign land)
  • Numerous Permutations Available Within the Engineering Profession
  • The engineering profession is indicated when Saturn is positioned in the ascendant in the sign of Mars (either Aries or Scorpio), and it aspects the tenth house.
  • The engineering profession is indicated when Mars is in the ascendant in the sign of Saturn (either Capricorn or Aquarius).
  • Saturn and Mars exert their influence on the 5th and 10th houses and their lords
  • The Third Lord unites with Mars, and Saturn casts an aspect on it.
  • Saturn is the 9th lord, and Mars is the 11th lord; these two lords are connected to one another.
  • Saturn and Mars switch signs with one another, merge their energies, or aspect one another
  • The Sun and Moon are located in the ascendant, while Saturn and Mars are located in the tenth house.
  • In a chart with an Aries ascendant, Saturn is in the fourth house, while Mars is in the tenth house.
  • Saturn and Mars in the ascendant of Leo, as well as Jupiter in the fourth house
  • Virgo’s ascendant is occupied by both the third and seventh lords, which are aspected by Saturn and Mars.

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