How Does a Solar Oven Function

A solar oven is also called a solar cooker. This device uses harnesses sunlight as a source of heat for cooking foodstuffs. The solar oven is a simple, portable, economical, and efficient tool

How Do Solar Ovens Help in the Environment :

It is a sensation of joy to cook outside and enjoy a meal in the natural environment. But we don’t need to burn wood charcoal or gas to cook food for any type of barbecue.

Cooking with a solar oven is entirely safe with zero environmental damage. Environmental Protection is one of the main concerns of today’s world.

How is The Radiation Procedure:

Solar energy is light and heat that are emitted from the sun. It can be used to pasteurize water or sterilize items. We can use solar energy to cook food in a DIY solar oven. A solar oven captures sunlight by reflecting it onto a black surface via a reflector. The light is converted into heat by the black surface which is then trapped in the upside-down glass bowl; it’s similar to heat becoming trapped in the carbon on a heat day.

How Long does a solar oven get:

The solar oven cooks food slowly over a long period of low heat on a sunny day. A solar oven may reach a temperature of about 200F. While its cooking time takes longer than a standard oven. Easy to use and safe to leave alone while energy from the sun cooks your food. Practice and simple to use.

How to make your solar oven with a Pizza box

Materials For a Solar Oven:

Pizza box ( a large box with a flip)

Glass bowl  (better in the oven upside-down)

Pen or 





Aluminum foil

An Aluminum pie dish


Black paper 

A thermometer

And s’more ingredients (some graham biscuits, marshmallows & chocolate) 

 Steps of Solar Oven DIY:

The first thing to do is cover the inside of the box with aluminum foil. By using glue tape to line the inside of the box with aluminum foil. Any box with a flap will perform take a skewer and prop it open and tap the skewer. 

Next use black paper and scissors. Cut the paper small enough to fit in the bottom of the box. Place a small pie dish into to solar oven. Make sure black paper is visible underneath the glass bowl and sambal I’m one.

Make sure that the solar oven is facing the sun and try to limit any shadow. Check the temperature of the solar oven with a thermometer.

How Does a Solar Oven Work

Light from the sun entered the solar oven an additional light is introduced and reflected off this angled flap and the oven as well. Once the light is entered into the oven, there is a transfer of light energy between air molecules to thermal energy. This process is called radiation and black paper works like a heat sink, absorbing the light and radiating heat. 

Absorbs bowl act’s like a thermal insulator and keeps all the heat for baking s’more. More recipes can be made like pizza or grilled vegetables etc. 



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