Top 9 Tractor Spare Parts You Need to Maintain

Even if you own a stronger tractor, just know that even the toughest tractors need maintenance. And when we talk about maintenance, there are certain spare parts you need to look out for, especially. Also, tractors easily handle every type of implements like super seeder and others. 

Wondering which could be those special spare tractors that need timely maintenance and prevention? Well, there are 7 spare parts that need your attention without fail.

9 Tractor Spare Parts That Need Regular Maintenance


Tractors were design to get into dirt and work. The long-haul use of tractors in farm fields can clog its engine filters. If you don’t clean or replace them timely, the tractors can stall one day.

So have a weekly routine to clean out the fuel filter, air filter, hydraulic filter, and extra oil filter. And if performing a monthly routine check, make sure you call the technician and get them replaced.

Light Bulbs

Tractor bulbs are there to provide safe vision during inclement weather and dawn. Sure, you can ignore the flickering or dimmer room at home due to that faulty bulk, but don’t do that when driving heavy farm tractors.

Make sure to keep additional bulbs for taillights, headlights, and warning lights. You can keep them in your premises, utility tractor’s cab, or even in the garage you own. Just keep it around so that you can access it whenever you need it.

Fluids and Coolants

To keep your engine up and running, you need to refill and change oils and coolants regularly. Make sure you timely refill your engine fuel. And make sure to change the coolants and replace them with cleaner ones for hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, and radiator fluids.

Clean coolants can prevent the engine from bigger failures. They help prevent rust, clogging, and any damage related to the engine. 

Replacement Belts

Tractors are built with belts that keep the engine running and tractor components in motion. With the constant operation, the fan belts, air compressor belts, and alternator belts can either become loose or may even crack at extreme pressures.

To avoid any downtime, make sure you have options for replacing the belts. Especially when your tractor crosses the 200-hour mark, as after this, your tractor belts can split or become unfastened.

Tractor Fuses

All big and small tractors run on electrical components. The Powertrac 445 tractors have an electrical circuit that is chain to a fuse. 

Though electrical issues aren’t that costly, a fuse blown out can cause your farm vehicle to stall. To make replacement easier, tractor fuses are colour coded and have ampere rating marked onto them.

Zerk Fittings

Joints and Zerk fittings on tractor parts should be regularly greas. As these fittings can attract rust and cause the machine to wear and tear. If a zerk fitting is damaged or goes missing, this can invite much bigger issues in the machine. 

Make sure your tool stack has a lot of spare fittings so that you can timely replace the broken or damaged ones. 

Braking System

Make sure you have a quality braking system in place. Regularly check for the brake spare parts such as drum, rotor, and callipers. And if it’s been a long using the tractor, you can consult and replace the brake pads and brake lines to ensure safe cruising on roads and fields.

Maintain Hitches

Hitches are designed at the back of the tractor. They are responsible for carrying, pulling, and lifting farm implements such as plough, rotavator, cultivator, or any other stationery of use. 

The type of hitch required can depend on the tractor model and the type of hitch it requires. You should maintain the hitches timely and if there are any damages, consider replacing them.  stay connected for more blogs

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