The Science Behind Air Con

Air conditioners come in different shapes and sizes, but they all work for the same job; removing moisture and heat from the indoor air by providing cold air in the home or indoors. It brings the cooled air back to your interior and removes unwanted moisture and heat. 

A standard air conditioner uses a specific chemical known as a refrigerant and consists of three main components: an evaporator coil, a condenser coil, and a compressor. All these components combine to quickly convert the gas into the liquid and then back again. The compressor increases the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant gas while directing it to the condenser coil, which is converted into liquid. 

The refrigerant is returned indoors and enters the evaporator coil. The liquid then evaporates, causing the inner coil to cool. The fan blows room air over the cold evaporator, with the heat in the House being absorbed by the coolant. The air circulates through the entire area while the heated evaporated gas is directed outward to the compressor. This cycle continues until the House reaches the required temperature. 

Climate components

As mentioned above, there are several components of an air con. These components are responsible for the air conditioner’s operation ; here is a more detailed description of each.


The warm air from your home is sucked in and passed through the valve, which controls the air flow. It is then blown over the evaporator coil, which absorbs the heat from the air. As the coolant in the coils absorbs the heat, it again turns into gas and moves to the air conditioner’s compressor. 


The compressor of an air con acts as a pump that reduces the volume of gas and, at the same time, regulates the temperature and pressure for the condensation process. 


The collected heat is absorbed by the air con condenser from inside your home with the refrigerant but in the form of steam. It is then pumped outside, where the outside air absorbs the heat and changes its state from a gas to a liquid. 

As soon as the heat is directed outside, the cold coolant returns to the interior to the evaporator of the air con to repeat the cycle. 

Health benefits of using Air Con

Removes allergens and particles

Klimakons have a filter that can help remove allergens and particles, including dust and pollen, and prevent them from circulating through the air. The filter helps purify the air you and your family breathe in your home. 

Reduces the risk of heat stroke

The risk of heat stroke is high with increasing temperature. A properly functioning air con reduces the risk of heat stroke and other heat-related diseases. 

Good sleep

Regulated temperatures, especially at night, contribute to your quality of sleep. Keeping your home’s bedrooms cool will help you and your family feel comfortable while sleeping. You will have a relaxing day ahead of you.

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