Top 6 Qualities Of A Good Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate isn’t all about buying and selling properties, yet it’s a broad term covering all the financial aspects and dealings. Regardless if you’re making a real estate deal for a residential property or commercial, it’s imperative to understand the initials before delving into the details. That’s where the need for real estate lawyers in Dubai or elsewhere steps in. Not only do they enlighten you with the facts and figures, but they also walk you through the other side of the rope.

Hiring any other lawyer isn’t right, but you must look for a few specific qualities every lawyer must possess. Let’s evaluate the key traits that shape a competent real estate lawyer.

  1. Experience matters

Let’s be honest for a while, can you trust someone with zero field experience and client retention? Of course, you’ll keep pondering over the decision of whether you should hire them or not. Likewise, connecting with a novice real estate attorney can be daunting, especially if you have a complicated deal. We’re not implying that beginners aren’t competent, yet if you have the choice of opting for someone who’s working in the field for years, wouldn’t that be attractive?

  1. Knowledge is the Key

Most real estate contracts have a different vocabulary, which a common person doesn’t easily understand. Yet, real estate attorneys have mastered the art of such phrases. Similarly, they’ll read you all the mentioned clauses in the easiest way, which you wouldn’t be able to understand otherwise. That said, a good attorney will explain every gory detail of the agreement and won’t leave you any doubts. In addition, it’s their job to get you through the procedure without any complications, and that’s only possible when they’re acknowledged about it. 

  1. Communication is everything

Besides knowledge and experience, another notable factor in a good lawyer is how they communicate. Remember that a good attorney won’t leave you hanging in the middle of an important conversation or won’t ghost you for days. They are responsible for handling your case with utmost honesty and reassuring you in times of need. For this, they must always return your calls and texts promptly. You can determine it before signing them up, so there’s always a way out. 

  1. Easily Reachable 

When hiring a real estate attorney, it’s wise to consult more than one. It’s because you’ll need someone personable and always reachable. The one you can pour your heart out to regarding the property requirements or financial dealings. If you cannot put your points on the table due to the lack of compassion, it’s futile to hire someone with such an attitude. Remember that the correct lawyer won’t make you feel left out or uncomfortable. If the lawyer appears rude or impatient or tries to rush you through, they might not suit you. 

  1. The art of Curiosity

A good real estate attorney spends a significant part of their consultation determining their client’s goals and objectives regarding the case. They’re always asking questions out of the box and finding valuable opportunities that speak in the client’s best interests. The need for relevant information is one of the best traits an attorney may have, and when you find one with that, there’s no way of retreating from them. 

  1. Reputation speaks for itself. 

Finding a real estate attorney with a reputable history is the cherry on the top of the cake. Also, you can confirm it by scrolling through their online profile testimonials. While your real estate agent can suggest the personalities, it’s best to do your homework before contacting them. By doing so, you can have faith that you’re making the right approach. Besides checking online reviews, you can consult them over a brunch to feel their competency. 

The Takeaway 

It’s 2022, and the sky is the only limit. By this, we mean that you can find a professional real estate attorney in every law firm in Dubai and worldwide. However, having an eagle eye for this purpose is of utmost importance. From purchasing a property to resolving a property dispute, a good real estate lawyer lends an extra hand.

Zaheer Ahmed

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