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After 12th grade, Airport Management degrees are getting more popular, making it India’s most sought-after stream. Even in the Covid scenario, airport/aviation streams are overcoming losses, and the issue is under control. So you don’t have to worry about the aviation industry’s long-term viability or the time it would take to recover from a loss. Life has returned to normal after a temporary economic shock, and the world is moving forward. In recent years, India’s aviation industry has grown. 

The number of passengers traveling increases by over 20% every year. For people looking for jobs, this offers up a lot of opportunities. Don’t give up on your dreams; instead, choose from the list of airport management courses presented in this article.

Now is the time to sign up for free counseling. Commercial and operational priorities will be the focus of the airport management research. The focus is primarily on airline and airport operations. Students must have completed their 10th/ 12th grade or have graduated from high school to apply for a PG course.


No aviation-related course is required in 12th grade for admission to airport management programs, and no aviation-related subject is needed.

All data has been supplied to select the ideal path for you. We’ve tried to address all of your concerns about airport administration. What is, for example, the finest airport course for me? Which university provides the finest professional training and career placement? What will the overall cost of this course be? Alternatively, whether or not flying is a legitimate vocation. To learn the answer, read the complete article.

The characteristics of some of the most popular and well-attended airport management courses can be found after the 12th List 2022 AirPort Management Courses. After 12th grade, there are a variety of airport management courses available, ranging from undergraduate to certificate and diploma degrees. Typically, the programs last 3 to 4 years.

The following is a list of airport management diploma courses.

  • Travel Management Diploma in Aviation Hospitality 
  • Airfare and Ticketing Management Diploma 
  • Airport Ground Handling Training Diploma 
  • Ground Staff or Cabin Crew Training Diploma in Airport Management
  • BBA in Airport Management 
  • B.Sc in Airport Management 
  • Certificate in Airport Ground Staff Services 
  • BBA in Airport Management 
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  •  B.Sc in Airport Management 
  • Bachelors of Business 
  • Administration in Airport Management
  •  Bachelors of Science in Airport Management 
  • Bachelors of Hospitality Management 
  • Commercial Pilot Licence Training with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering

List of postgraduate (PG) courses in airport management.

Details about the Best Airport Management Courses in India (MBA in Airport Administration). This section is a subset of a more extensive list of Airport Management courses offered in India. The specifics of each class, such as pricing, colleges, placement, and admission requirements, are provided here. Look through the list and select a course that piques your interest.

  1. A bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in airport management is required.

The BBA in airport management is the most popular and requested course in the hotel management stream. It’s a three-year bachelor’s degree program covering topics like airport security, safety, and technicality. You’ll learn how to run the technical department, operations, personnel management, cargo department, and pertinent activities. Candidates must meet the following requirements:

Fee Structures for Airport Management Colleges in India, Organized by College 

Name of the Institutions:

  • The Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management in New Delhi.
  • The Aimfill International Institute in New Delhi TMI Academy of Travel Tourism and Aviation Studies.
  • Delhi University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES)
  • Dehradun School of Airlines and Travel Management
  • Kochi Kasturi Institute of Management Studies, Coimbatore
  • Kochi Skywings Academy of Aviation and Tourism
  1. Admissions Procedures

Admissions will be based on a merit list based on the results of the 12th grade. Some institutions also give an entrance exam to determine whether or not a student has the necessary skills for the program. The following is a list of the exams required for admission to the BBA airport management program.

Aviation management is a well-designed academic program that introduces students to the fundamental areas of business administration that govern the aviation industry. The study program is intended to prepare trainees for managerial positions in various airline and aviation organizations.

Make sure the institution you enroll with is a reputable one that can give you access to all popular career options before you enroll in any aviation courses. If you enroll in an aviation course at a reputable university, finding a reputable job with a good salary is incredibly simple. So, if you want to take the best professional aviation courses, enroll with Patriot, the renowned aviation academy.

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