What does being hard of hearing mean?

The expression “hard of hearing” refers to specific levels of hearing loss. It conveys social and cultural themes as well. Find out details about medical as well as social significance of the term “hard of hearing”.

“When you meet people with hearing problems in the local community you realize the wide range of ways people are affected by hearing loss. The diversity extends to the way people define themselves.”

The phrase “hard of hearing” refers to a person’s level of loss of hearing. According to the  Speech and Hearing Cinic in Bangalore, the hearing loss are classified using a unit of sound intensity called a decibel. According to the standard the threshold for hearing of an average person can be set as zero decibels. 

The hearing thresholds that are used to measure the severity of loss in hearing are as follows

  • Mild: 26-40 decibels. In this case, you might be issues hearing distant or soft speech.
  • Moderate to moderately serious 41-70 decibels. This is manifested as hearing difficulties conversations at a normal volume.
  • Severe: 71-90 decibels. If you suffer from hearing loss severe even loud sounds are difficult to comprehend.
  • Profound: higher than 91 decibels. At this point there is virtually no hearing at all.

“Hard of hearing” is a term used to describe a person who has lost “hard of hearing” is typically reserved for people with moderate and severe hearing impairment. In the words of the Hearing Loss Association of America one that is “hard to hear” retains a range of hearing capabilities that are still functional.

People with hearing loss who’re “hard in hearing” are often compared to the deaf. Someone who is deaf (lowercase “d”) refers to someone who has only a little hearing loss (i.e. significant hearing loss) However, they are dedicated to communicating with others in”the “hearing environment.” Deaf individuals can still seek to improve their hearing with cochlear implants, hearing aids or other techniques.

This is different from the person who is Deaf (capital “D”). The person that is Deaf is part of the Deaf Community who suffers from profound hearing loss, and uses the sign language as their primary method of communication. More than a set of basic gestures used to communicate it is the foundation of a rich and diverse culture with a unique culture and set of rules which are handed down across generations, according to the National Association of the Deaf.

There is also the possibility of wondering what is “hearing impairment”. This term was dropped because it’s seen as implying something negative , and damaged that needs to be repaired. As per the National Association of the Deaf the words “hard of hearing” or “deaf” are the most preferred terms for expressing respect.

Hearing Loss can be managed and treated.

The sooner you can address the symptoms of hearing loss the more likely to prevent irreparable damage. Find the answers you require to begin treatment now.

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