Why Taxi Companies Need 5-Star Google Reviews

The basis of all forms of trade is trust. In the taxi industry, a company’s reputation when providing a service is the most critical factor. Reputation determines how many customers you can attract and how many calls you receive.

Sometimes this can be somewhat problematic for an aspiring young company that has not yet made a name for itself.

Often, companies with outstanding and innovative ideas ready to change the market for the better are shot down for not having an established 5-star reputation.

To avoid this, a company needs to work on building positive customer feedback, and the easiest way to do this is to rate 5-Star Google reviews.

Why Google Reviews are the best


Google is a household name. If you want to find an answer to a question, most people would say, “Google it.” Almost every device on the Internet uses Google services without even knowing it.

Like it or not, no one else has the public reach in every market that Google has. It is firmly entrenched in modern culture, and you can easily use this factor.

Encourage customers to post reviews on Google. A good idea, which is quite simple to implement, is to create incentives for positive reviews on Google. For example, you can offer a discount on taxi rides or take part in an Amazon coupon raffle. With everything they offer, they always try to appeal to a broad audience with something useful for everyone.

How Positive Reviews Help Your Rankings

SEO is essential because it puts you on the search results list when someone searches for “taxi companies near me.” It means more people will choose your service because it is more convenient to find them.

Your business will benefit from good SEO or search engine optimization if you have an excellent overall rating with many 5-star ratings and only a few negative ones.

The more positive reviews you have, the better Google services will rank your business and take you to the next level in the list of returned search results.

ReviewMaster helps you collect great reviews.

One of TaxiSolution’s most popular services for taxi companies using iCabbi and Autocab dispatch systems is ReviewMaster.

ReviewMaster is a powerful and time-saving tool for increasing SEO and Google rankings and yet easy to use.

Compatible with Autocab and the ICABBI shipping system family, ReviewMaster offers advanced algorithms that ensure you get the most positive reviews possible. It will help you get to the top of any page of search results and attract many more customers than before.

ReviewMaster is excellent at collecting 5-star reviews because it is based on advanced artificial intelligence that efficiently manages your data and pushes you to the top in Search Engine Optimization.

In addition, thanks to the easy-to-integrate nature of the service, we can remotely deploy the ReviewMaster software to your existing iCabbi or Aaautocab dispatch system. No additional equipment is needed!

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